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We Are Creasi Workshop

We're making the best artisan keycap for collectors, adding a touch of art to your mechanical keyboard.

Have a great day everyone, welcome to the world of Creasi Workshop, where art and unlimited creativity are through colorful plastic buttons.


Our team was founded in 2020, although we’re quite young, we are always learning, looking for new ideas, developing them, and bringing them closer to "hunters".


At Creasi Workshop, the art of keyboard is not simply an inanimate plastic lying on the keyboard, but also a handmade sculpture that carries the breath of creativity, representing the personality and taste of the artist. Our sculptures are honored to be part of many prestigious collections of long-time collectors.


More specifically, those who are just starting to collect also pay a lot of attention and support to Creasi's products. This is truly a great honor and gratitude.

White Structure

Our Work


Ideas are something we experiment with a lot, finding a good design is always a constant effort.


With years of work, we strive to create the best sculpture, balanced with the best amount of detail and mold making possible.

Katii sketch.png


Ensure products are produced with the best process. Color balance and details are kept stable. Products reaching collectors will satisfy.

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